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The Intellivision Flashback classic gaming console brings back all the home video game fun from the early 80s! Just plug it into your TV with the included AV cables and start playing the 60 built-in games! Accurately reproduced hand controllers duplicate the fun and excitement of the Intellivision experience. The console includes 60 of the games you remember and love, including Astrosmash, Night Stalker, Sea Battle, the beloved sports games, even the challenging Dungeons & Dragons games (now with new, lawyer-friendly names)! A complete list of games can be found here.

Because of the hundreds of pages required, the Intellivision Flashback does not come with instructions for the individual games. You can find reproductions of all sixty of the original instruction books here.

The Intellivision Flashback comes with reproductions of the overlays that slip into the hand controllers for ten popular games. The overlays for the other fifty games are on our web site here. You can print them, cut them out and slip them into the hand controllers.

NOTE FOR BUYERS OUTSIDE THE U.S.A.: The Intellivision Flashback is an NTSC product. Do not order unless you have an NTSC or multisystem TV. We hope we will be able to offer a PAL version in the near future.

TV not included.

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