Colecovision Flashback

$ 29.99

The Colecovision Flashback classic gaming console brings back some of the top games that competed with Intellivision in the 1980s!  Just plug it into your TV with the included AV cables and start playing the 60 built-in games! Accurately reproduced hand controllers duplicate the fun and excitement of Colecovision play. The console includes 60 of the games you remember and love, including seven that were Intellivision hits but that we legally couldn't include on the Intellivision Flashback: Blockade Runner, Bump 'n' Jump, Dragonfire, Fathom, Nova Blast, Venture, Zaxxon, along with other favorites including Choplifter!, Cosmic Avenger, Space Fury, Space Panic, Miner 2049er, Moonsweeper, Wing War, and more! Includes instruction book with rules for the 60 included games, plus overlays for four of the games. Here's the the entire list of the SIXTY games included in the Colecovision Flashback:

Alphabet Zoo
Artillery Duel
Bump 'N' Jump
Bankruptcy Buildfer
Brain Strainers
Blackjack/Poker (includes hand controller overlays)
Blockade Runner
Cosmic Avenger
The Dam Busters (includes hand controller overlays)

Flipper Slipper
Frantic Freddy
Fortune Builder (includes hand controller overlays)
Gateway to Apshai
Gust Buster
Jumpman Junior
Jungle Hunt
Miner 2049er
Montezuma's Revenge
Motocross Racer
Ms. Space Fury
Mountain King
Module Man
Monster Masher
Nova Blast
Oil's Well
Omega Race
Princes Quest
Pepper II
Quest for Quintana Roo
Sammy Lightfoot
Sir Lancelot
Space Panic
Space Fury
Schlange CV
Squish 'Em Sam
Search fo rthe Stolen Crown Jewels
Search for the Stolen Crown Jewels 2
Search for the Stolen Crown Jewels 3
Super Cross Force
Shunting Puzzle
The Heist
Tomarc the Barbarian
Tournament Tennis
Telly TUrtle
Wing War
War Room (includes hand controller overlays)

NOTE FOR BUYERS OUTSIDE THE U.S.A.: The Intellivision Flashback is an NTSC product. Do not order unless you have an NTSC or multisystem TV. We hope we will be able to offer a PAL version in the future.