"Intellivision in Hi-Fi" Music CD

Nearly one full hour of music from or inspired by the Intellivision console and games!

George "The Fat Man" Sanger performs a surf-rock version of his 1982 theme from Thin Ice, The Tilton-Tate Orchestra serves up a lounge version of the theme from Shark! Shark!, and The Buddy O Trio swings into a jazz rendition of the Snafu theme. Michael Schwartz sings the Pet Shop Boys-inspired "My Intellivision" and Tom Kahelin performs a suite of themes from the movie TRON. Electronica artist Confusium presents "Compare This!" and "Closest Thing to the Real Thing," original pieces featuring vocal samples from Intellivision games and TV commercials. Rounding out the album is music from a number of Intellivision cartridges and unreleased games, recorded on an actual Intellivision console. From Intellivision Music/Retrotopia Records.


  1. Compare This! > Confusium
  2. Snafu
  3. Shark! Shark!
  4. Buzz Bombers
  5. Mind Strike
  6. The Jetsons’ Ways with Words
  7. Melody Blaster (Blasters Blues)
  8. Thin Ice (Carnival of the Penguins)
  9. Billiards Blues > Jimmy Martin
  10. Surfin’ On Thin Ice > The Fat Man
    Classics on Intellivision > The Intellivision Console
  11. Also Sprach Zarathustra
  12. Bach Toccata in D Minor
  13. Purcell's Rondeau from Abdelazar, Schubert's Unfinished Symphony, Moussorgsky's Night on Bald Mountain, Beethoven's Ninth Symphony
  14. Lounge Shark! Lounge Shark! > The Tilton-Tate Orchestra
  15. Maple Leaf Rag > The Intellivision Console
  16. My Intellivision (1982 Mix) > Michael Schwartz
  17. James Bond Theme
  18. You Deserve a Break Today
  19. Linus & Lucy
  20. Blow Out
  21. Yogi’s Frustration
  22. Rocky & His Friends
  23. The Bullwinkle Show
  24. Snafu City > The Buddy O Trio
  25. The Closest Thing to the Real Thing > Confusium
  26. TRON 1.1 > Tom Kahelin


"George Sanger’s surf-rockin’ “Surfing On Thin Ice”...is in itself a good reason to buy this CD. Jazzy interpretations of music from Snafu and Shark! Shark! also prove to be entertaining. Confusium provides two tracks featuring copious samples of Intellivision sound effects and vintage TV ads starring George Plimpton... Best of all, however, is Michael Schwartz’s “My Intellivision”, an appropriately new wave-flavored pop tribute to the machine, sung from the perspective of someone who pines for his long-lost Intellivision. [T]his album’s diverse sampling of original sounds and reinterpretations should have something to please just about everyone." - TheLogBook.com

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