Hand Controller Adapter Cable -- Flashback to Intellivision (hard wired)

This adapter cable allows you to use Intellivision Flashback® controllers on your original model Intellivision, INTV System III, INTV Super Pro System, RCA Tandyvision, GTE/Sylvania Intellivision; basically any version of the Intellivision console that had the “hard wired” controllers. These are approximately 18 inches in length, with a male DB9-pin plug on one end, and a 9-pin ‘motherboard/SIPP’ connector on the other. To install these, you need to remove 6 screws from the bottom of your Intellivision console, take the top cover off, slide the original controller connectors off the motherboard pins, and slide the adapter cable connectors onto those same motherboard pins (the adapter wires are routed out the same holes as the original controller wires). Put the top back on, and you’re done. It takes about 10 minutes from start to finish. You can then plug in your Flashback controllers with ease! (Sold individually.) Get an Intellivision Flashback hand controller (sold separately here in the web store) and this adapter to replace a non-working controller on your Intellivision console!

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