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"Hey," we hear you say, "I came to an Intellivision® website! What's this Atari stuff doing on here?"

Well, as any true Intellivision fan knows, in 1982, Mattel Electronics began to release games for the Atari 2600 console under the brand "M Network." For Mattel, this was an obvious decision. At that time, there were well over 10 million Atari 2600s in homes around the world, but fewer than 3 million Intellivisions. A game for the Atari console had a mathematical chance of selling over 3 times as much as one for Intellivision.

When Mattel Electronics chose to develop Atari versions of the most popular Intellivision games, there was a Marketing concern that seeing the Intellivision games on Atari would hurt the Intellivision and its games. "If we can play Astrosmash on Atari 2600, why do we need to buy the twice-as-costly Intellivision?" The initial solution was to rename the first M Network games with the implication that a game was similar to the Intellivision version but not quite good enough on the inferior machine for it to wear the Intellivision title. The only M Network games to have the same name for both Intellivision and Atari versions, were licensed titles, such as Data East's Lock 'N' Chase.

But when the sales figures, magazine reviews and survey results came in, the Mattel Electronics Marketing Department decided that the way forward was a policy called "All Flavors," which meant that if an Intellivision game was released for the Atari 2600 (or IBM PC or Apple II or any of the other machines Mattel Electronics were starting to develop for), it should carry the same name and as many of the features and graphics from the original Intellivision version as possible. A number of these were in development when Mattel Electronics closed in 1984, leaving these games unfinished and unreleased. Only Star Strike appeared with its original Intellivision title on Atari 2600.

On the Atari Flashback 5, you will find 92 games. Twelve of them are Mattel Electronics M Network games:

Astroblast (based on Intellivision Astrosmash)
Dark Caverns
(based on Intellivision Night Stalker)
Super Challenge Baseball
(based on Intellivision Major League Baseball)
Super Challenge Football
(based on Intellivision NFL Football)
International Soccer
(based on Intellivision NASL Soccer)
Space Attack
(based on Intellivision Space Battle)
Star Strike
(based on Intellivision Star Strike)
Armor Ambush
(based on Intellivision Armor Battle)
Frogs and Flies (based on Intellivision Frog Bog)
Air Raiders (the only released M Network Atari 2600 game that is 100% original, not based on an Intellivision game)

The following two games developed in 1982 at Mattel Electronics were not released until the 21st Century by Intellivision Productions, Inc.:
Sea Battle
(called High Seas in some early catalogs)(based on Intellivision Sea Battle)
Sword Fight (a never-released 100% original game)

No Intellivision collection should be without these Atari 2600 versions of Intellivision classics!

There were only five other games released by Mattel Electronics for the Atari 2600, but since those five were licensed from other companies, we could not include them.

The Atari Flashback 5 easily plugs into most modern televisions and has 92 built-in games, including such hits as Breakout!®, Centipede®, Combat®, Missile Command®, Pong®. Space Invaders®, Tempest®, Yars Revenge® and many more! We have a limited number, so order today!

NOTE FOR BUYERS OUTSIDE THE U.S.A.: The Intellivision Flashback is an NTSC product. Do not order unless you have an NTSC or multisystem TV.